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THIS ISSUE: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! We in the North are grateful for the display of colour that greets us earlier than our neighbours   to the South. Check Page Two of this issue for our Walking Tour Map, important Emergency Numbers and the location of our Sponsors.   As you "Discover Parry Sound", please take the time to visit our Sponsors - they are here year-round to serve you!

Jamie McGarvey - the right man for the job! Jamie is a lifelong Parry Sound resident and longtime Council Member. Honest, dependable and hard working. What more do you want?

Dear Friends,

Parry Sound needs a Mayor that has experience, accountability and vision. Over the past 25 years I have dedicated my life to public service, because I believe in the people and their potential. Too many of our neighbours despite their hard work, cannot afford homes or food. We need leadership that will work to provide good solid common sense strategic direction and that will always work with you and listen to your concerns. On October 25th, I am asking for your vote so an experienced leader can hit the ground running and move Parry Sound towards a prosperous future.

Best Regards,
   Jamie McGarvey

For more info, please visit our website www.jamiemcgarvey.ca.

Perry Harris declined to participate. Instead we offer these collected facts from his official campaign site:

Perry Harris - the other candidate Perry Harris moved to Parry Sound in 1988, where he operated a local hotel. In 1990 Perry married Anna Marie Nielsen, whom he had met in Toronto, and they both began running the South End Shell Station. In 2005, Perry became the General Manager of the Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce. By 2007 Perry had sold South End Shell and Jesters which he had started for Anna Marie at the Parry Sound Mall. Perry took a leave of absence from the Chamber and now operates the gas station near the Information Centre off Rankin Lake Road. Coincidentally, his wife was made manager of the Georgian Bay Welcome Centre in the same complex. Perry resumed his Chamber duties earlier this year.

For more information, see www.facebook.com/harrisformayor or www.harrisformayor.ca
James Bay Railway - 1902
JAMES BAY RAILWAY The James Bay Railway built in 1902 was the first train line to reach Parry Sound. The line was five miles long and branched off the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway which led to Depot Harbour. The railway offered one passenger coach service per day. Visit the West Parry Sound District Museum on Tower Hill to view this authentic photograph. The Museum is open 9am-5pm Tuesday through Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays after Labour Day. See you there!
Jay Aymar UPCOMING ARTIST Ontario-based singer-songwriter Jay Aymar toured through Nobel this summer. His new album, Halfway Home, is his fourth and includes My Cherry Coloured Rose which was covered by Ian Tyson on his last CD. For more info, go to www.
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